Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Launch of New Small Business Aims to Spice Up Your Holiday Season

From our friends at District Spice...

District Spice, Owned and Operated in Washington, D.C., Has Partnered with Union Kitchen in the Hopes of Bringing Delicious Salt-Free Spice Blends to Their Community for the Holidays

Nate and Carolyn Shettler Blodgett, owners and creators of District Spice, found that creating salt-free spice blends was a great way to create unique, healthy flavors. They have partnered with D.C.’s Union Kitchen, a low-cost, low-risk, full-service kitchen for local businesses to grow and establish their own operations. With the assistance of Union Kitchen, District Spice hopes to share their salt-free spices with the D.C. community.

By omitting salt from their blends, they make room for the quality, flavorful ingredients to shine and become the real stars of the dish. They believe salt is a personal taste decision, best left to the individual diner. Often when cooking, salt breaks down, losing any flavor benefits while retaining the sodium. Ultimately, more salt is added to bring out the flavor again. With a “Salt it Your Way” motto, Nate and Carolyn Shettler Blodgett aim to spice up the holidays in a healthy way. “Salt should not be the first ingredient listed in your spice blends,” says Carolyn Shettler Blodgett.

After Nate Shettler Blodgett purchased a store-bought Creole seasoning that turned out to be heavy in salt, he challenged himself to craft a salt-free Creole blend to honor the great, bold flavor of this classic spice. This helped to kick-off Carolyn and Nate’s journey to create various salt-free blends perfectly fit for any dish. They are also excited to offer recipes on their site to show how their blends can be incorporated into a variety of meals.

About District Spice:
District Spice is owned and operated in the District of Columbia, produced at Union Kitchen. This new company wants to enable anyone to cook a variety of fantastic dishes. Whether the customer is a beginner or a seasoned chef, their spice blends can add gourmet taste and flair to any meal. Customers can purchase their delicious blends online at www.districtspice.com or call 202-763-9631 for more information.

About Union Kitchen:
Housed in a 7,300 sq. ft warehouse, Union Kitchen exists to grow and promote small businesses. For D.C. to be a diverse, exciting, prosperous place, we need local businesses to thrive and local entrepreneurs to bring their passion to our community. They eliminate the need for small businesses to take on debt, purchase expensive equipment, sign a long-term lease, or take many of the other risks that business owners have come to expect as the norm for starting a business.