Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MoMo Chicken & Grill Food Review

Korean Fried Chicken (Drumsticks)

There's fried chicken; and then there's Korean fried chicken. Before yesterday's lunch at Bethesda's MoMo Chicken & Grill, I wasn't aware of such a difference. After two bites, it was readily apparent... Twice-fried is twice as good. Who knew fried chicken could look and taste this good?

Not sure about their name: Is it MoMo Chicken + Jazz or MoMo Chicken & Grill? But you could name it anything you like, and I'd come back for more. From the outside, it looks like any Bethesda pub (credit the Bud Light banner) but step inside and you'll be blown away by MoMo's aesthetics and comfort. The service is top notch also; and the bathroom... oh, the bathroom, could be the nicest public restroom in the state of Maryland.

Fried chicken this good doesn't just happen... You should call ahead (20 minutes for breasts & wings, 25 minutes for drumsticks.) I ordered the latter (available in quantities of three, five, 10 and 15) by phone, then showed up half an hour later. True to their word, my order was ready (a gorgeous plate by the way) and I asked to eat outside on the deck. Each order comes with cole slaw (cabbage & dressing) a couple of celery sticks and some to-die-for pickled radishes. The drumsticks are humongous and arrive piping hot & glistening. I asked for hot & spicy sauce (soy garlic is available too... next time.)

Korean fried chicken is prepared differently (twice-fried) and it makes a world of difference. The skin is thin (don't think KFC) and incredibly crispy. As you can guess, the chicken meat is moist and tender (not to mention plentiful) and the skin is nothing short of A-mazing. Water is served in a mason jar (nice touch) and the staff takes great delight in knowing you're happy. My server Anthony let me know about MoMo's Happy Hour (M-F, 4-7:00 PM) where their chicken is half price. Obviously, I'll be back to try their wings (and more drumsticks.)

I saved the best for last... price. My plate set me back a scanty $7.99 + free water; so it goes without saying, MoMo takes the cake chicken when it comes to value. In terms of taste, it debuts as #2 on our Top 5 list for Fried Chicken. Nobody beats the Colonel; but it sure looks nice, having two KFCs at the top of the charts.