Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Surfside Food Review

Costa Rica Tacos with Yellow Rice

DC isn't known for its beaches (sorry, but the Potomac River doesn't count) but it's nice to know you can get a taste of the beach at Surfside in Glover Park. This hidden wonder is one of my favorite taco restaurants in DC, and home to one of the better (dining-first) rooftops in the entire DMV. My latest visit did nothing to dispel that notion: In fact, it only reinforced its place near the top of DC's best semi-casual eateries.

You don't often find many free tables at Surfside; but a windy day allowed my choice of seats upstairs. I love eating up there, especially since the majority of the rooftop is geared towards actual dining (and not just drinking.) Ordering downstairs remains a little more complicated than at most places; but I've gotten used to it by now. For starters, no meal is complete with Surfside's ultra-affordable Salsa and Chips (a mere $3.95 for a generous LARGE size, $1.95 for a SMALL.) The tortilla chips are to die for, and the housemade salsa... its own food group (that's my way of saying A-Mazing.)

Large Salsa and Chips

Deciding on a main entree is a little tougher; but I usually prefer to go with tacos (over burritos, a close second.) Yesterday's choice was Costa Rica Tacos with yellow rice (I wasn't in the mood for red beans on this occasion.) You get two tacos, filled with braised and pulled chicken in adobo sauce with pico de gallo, guacamole, and shredded lettuce. Everything's fresh, and Seaside remains one of the few places in town that doesn't overdo it with lettuce.

Yesterday's plate was another home run. Their adobo sauce is extra spicy, and it sends the pulled chicken into another stratosphere. The corn tortillas are of high quality too (nice and soft) and I could literally live on their yellow rice. At $9.95, it's fairly priced; although I'd love to see one more taco for another buck or two. Not feeling clucky? Opt for Cabo San Lucas (grilled steak) or Negril (blackened fish with delicious spicy cabbage.) The Catalina burrito is without equal, and makes a great choice for brunch (eggs!) or an early lunch (minus the cheddar and jack cheese.)

Beautiful Roof Deck

Service is friendly; but you're responsible for ordering/picking up and clearing your table. It's part of Surfside's casual style, but doesn't necessarily fit a restaurant of this size perfectly. That said, there's no need to tip, which saves you at least five bucks per trip. I can empty a tray for $5, can't you? Atmosphere is lively across the board, and there's no shortage of color (lots of blue) or smiles (both from staff, and other patrons.) Not quite the beach, but I'll take Surfside's food over sand and sunburn any day of the week. Suntan lotion optional (no really, lots of shade upstairs.)