Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photo Recap: 36th Annual Adams Morgan Day

Trio Caliente at the SunTrust Plaza Stage

Much Ado about Nothing

One thing's for sure: Adams Morgan Day has a long way to go, if it wants to catch up to the likes of yesterday's Taste of Georgetown. Perhaps I arrived too early (noon, an hour in) but the 36th annual celebration along 18th Street was nothing to write home about... and I only live about a mile away. Gone were the anchor music stages, replaced by smaller, less impressive set-ups (i.e. Club Heaven & Hell.) Weather was perfect, but "crowds" were thin in comparison to previous years. Unless you were in the mood for an Almond Hemp-burger and a side of Buffalo Cauliflower (yuck) or your idea of fun is answering "Are you a DC registered voter?" umteen times... odds are, you were bored to death. I know I was.

Today's festivities run until 7:00 PM tonight. It's free to get in; but as you can probably guess, nondescript food (funnel cakes, gyros, etc.) is expensive... and probably not worth it. Thank Heaven for football.

Noah Silver Band at Club Heaven & Hell

Le Gourmet Funnel Cake Cafe

Official Festival shirts by DC Made Me

Aurora Bath & Jewels

The Capital Candy Jar

Sherri's Crab Cakes

Food Court

Kid's Fair

The Dance Plaza