Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photo Recap: 21st Annual Taste of Georgetown

New digs under the K Street Bridge

Eat, Drink, Play. Repeat

Last year's 20th annual Taste of Georgetown was blessed with perfect weather (not a cloud in the sky.) This year's Taste... not so perfect; but the folks at the Georgetown Business Improvement District came prepared. So prepared in fact, they moved the entire festival (35 restaurants, music stage, libations) under the K Street Bridge. Take that Mother Nature; and three cheers for perhaps the best Taste of Georgetown ever.

By moving from Wisconsin Avenue down, and around the corner to K Street, the Taste of Georgetown immediately became more intimate (not to mention drier.) I'm so happy they didn't move it directly on the Waterfront; and I can't help but think of other uses for this space besides traffic (farmer's market, music festivals, etc.) The potential is endless.

Emcees Tommy McFly & Jen Richer (r) from 94.7 Fresh FM

As for the food... Near-perfection across the board, led by Thunder Burger & Bar's surreal Roasted Pork Slider... hands down the best bite of the day. Executive Chef Ryan Fichter may not get the same amount of ink as some of DC's more famous celebrity chefs; but everything he feeds me, turns into gold. Add Best Slider in DC to his fast-growing trophy case (Best Burger in DC.)

Coming in a close second, Bandolero's Suckling Pig Taco (apple, habanero mustard) which already has me thinking lunch, tomorrow. The unofficial bronze medal goes to Paolo Ristorante's succulent Meatball Slider: I loved the tangy tomato sauce, and lots of visible, tasty spices. On the not so positive side, a surprisingly bitter Short Rib Korean Taco from Degrees at the Ritz-Carlton.

Roasted Pork Slider from Thunder Burger & Bar

Bandolero's Suckling Pig Taco

Meatball Slider from Paolo's Ristorante

J. Paul's "Surf & Turf" Sliders

Short Rib Korean Taco from Degrees

PALM Ale Grapefruit

It goes without saying... I can't wait until next year. DC has its fair share of foodie events; but the outdoor Tastes & Festivals are hard to match. For one thing, you don't have to dress up, and more importantly... anyone can get in (no fussy guest lists to worry about, etc.) Hats off to Gypsy Sally's for arranging at least two top acts (I had to leave at 1:30 PM) Justin Trawick and the Common Good (really good) as well as Letitia VanSant & the Bonafides. I'm sure the Human Country Jukebox was just as entertaining. Gypsy Sally's = Great, underrated music venue. Taste of Georgetown = Phenomenal event. Thanks for the fun (and deliciousness.)

Craft Beer & Wine Pavilion

Justin Trawick and the Common Good

Letitia VanSant & the Bonafides

Best looking logo = ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen

Executive Chef Ryan Fichter (Bodega, Rialto and Thunder Burger & Bar)

Chef Ryan unveils the roasted pork (1+ hour to go)

Bodega's famous Vegetarian and Chicken Paella