Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fat Pete's Barbecue Food Review III

Smoked Turkey Platter with Sweet Memphis

Round three. You can't say I didn't try. As promised, I gave Fat Pete's Barbecue a third (and final?) chance to redeem itself; but sadly, results were predictably similar to before. For the record, others seem to like it: Fat Pete's currently has a 3.5 rating (out of 5) based on 83 reviews on Yelp. My final verdict? No mas: I've had my fill.

I placed a carryout order for two Smoked Turkey Platters, and was told it would take (only) 5-10 minutes to prepare. Upon arrival, I received a warm greeting from a friendly hostess standing by the entrance. True to their word, my order was ready-to-go in a big brown paper bag. I handed over $24.18, and grabbed a couple of take-away sauces.

Hush Puppies

Back at the shop, my friend Bob and I unwrapped six separate containers wrapped in aluminum foil (no labels.) Each order came with two sides... Cornbread and Hush Puppies for me, Onion Straws & Waffle Fries for Bob. Initial reactions? Not good. For starters, someone failed to put a cover on the melted, apple honey butter, allowing it to drench/ruin the cornbread (frown.) My hush puppies were dry and overcooked; while Bob's Onion Straws were soaked in grease, only to be "outdone" by flimsy, undercooked (but well-seasoned) fries. If you're keeping score at home, that's Disappointment 1 Sides 0.


In terms of value, Fat Pete's would be hard-pressed to do better; but you have to wonder if they're rushing food out, or even worse... making it ahead of time. There's an inherent risk associated with carryout; but four bad sides out of four ain't good, no matter who's doing the math. The Smoked Turkey Platter only costs $10.99; but you simply have to improve the quality of food to make it truly worthwhile to the customer.

Onion Straws

As for the entree, color me impressed at a surprisingly tasty smoked turkey. Yes, it was cold once again (Fat Pete's continues to bat .000 in that regard) but not cold enough to affect the taste. In regards to flavor, I'd have to say it was pretty darn delicious. The Sweet Memphis sauce was anything but sweet... quite spicy, in fact; but it made really good turkey even better. I found the turkey itself to be well-seasoned (more salty than smoked, but great all the same.) Bobby approved as well, making two sandwiches out of his. You certainly can't accuse Fat Pete's of being stingy with portions.

Waffle Fries

Unfortunately, you can't accuse Fat Pete's of being consistent either. Today, it was bad sides. Before (and today) it was cold meat. At some point, you have to put it all together on one plate. Three chances is usually two more than I give anywhere else. Time to put this Pete out to pasture; and contemplate what could have been. At least they had the good sense to stop writing "DC's Best BBQ" on their outdoor chalkboard... It definitely isn't.