Friday, August 15, 2014

Robeks Melon & Mint Review

So much for resting on one's laurels: Robeks is at it again, with another line of delicious smoothies and new/relatively new fresh juices. Melon & Mint (Cantaloupe Cooler, Mojito Melon and Wailea Watermelon) is available for a limited time (until September 28th) and I was able to try each one yesterday, in addition to a trio of already popular raw juices. First impressions? Read on.

Normally I like to save the best for last; but it's important to mix things up every now and again. Cantaloupe Cooler was, by and far the best drink I consumed at yesterday's tasting. Its' combination of fresh cantaloupe & mint with chunks of pineapple, all-natural orange/pineapple sherbet and a twist of apple juice was nothing short of amazing. Nice and sweet, with no annoying after taste. Pineapple dominates (in a good way) with a nice hint of mint after each sip. P.S. Love the yellow color (especially since it doesn't have bananas.)

Cantaloupe Cooler

Definitely the most refreshing, Wailea Watermelon blends fresh watermelon & mint with strawberries, pineapple, and all-natural pineapple/raspberry sherbet and a splash of apple juice for good measure. Hard to find the pineapple in this one; but you definitely taste watermelon, raspberries and strawberries. Perfect for a post-workout pick-me-up. Also, eight (8) grams of fiber in a LARGE. Score!

Wailea Watermelon

Raw juice. Either you like it, or you don't. One thing's for sure, however... It's darn good for ya. The Mojito Melon benefits from freshly chopped mint (visible, this time) and cantaloupe (most prominent taste.) It also has raw cucumber and watermelon, but they're harder to detect. Noticeably warmer compared to a smoothie, but infinitely healthier.

Mojito Melon

Also available (but not quite as new) seven different fresh-squeezed juices, loaded with enzymes, vitamins and (hopefully) yumminess. We tried three of them, starting with ABC (Apple, Beet, Carrot)

ABC Fresh-Squeezed Juice

The ABC gets its name from... apples, beets and carrots (simple enough, right?) You see & taste mostly beet, followed by carrots. Apple delivers the sweet (supposedly) but not enough to make that great a difference. Gorgeous color, and a close second in taste to...

Cool Cucumber

The Cool Cucumber, hands down my favorite juice of the day. Cucumber takes center stage (over apple, ginger and lemon) and wins the day. Over 100% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C in a SMALL (almost 300% in a LARGE.) Not the prettiest, in terms of color (mine looked like a lava lamp) but taste trumps color in this healthy concoction.

Speaking of healthy, how does 419% RDA of Vitamin C (in a LARGE) grab you? The G-Snap could be the nectar of the gods, if only it tasted better. It's hard to knock something that's so good for you; but there's so much ginger (even minutes after you're done) it's almost impossible to recommend, at least in regards to taste. Contains carrot and orange too, but good luck tasting it. Beautiful color, and beats the Dickens out of a common cold... Great if you love ginger (unfortunately, I don't.)

What else is new? How about Robeks' very first food truck? It hit the streets of Philadelphia, PA this week... to be followed by Philly's first retail outlet next month, a few blocks west of City Hall on Chestnut Street.