Sunday, August 24, 2014

Media Preview: Capriotti's Sandwich Shop - Rosslyn

It's nice to be part of history... even if it is on a relatively small scale. I had the good fortune to preview Virginia's very first Capriotti's Sandwich Shop a few nights ago; and if first impressions are any indication, this place is going to be around for a long, long time.

Capriotti's, a Joe Biden favorite, opened its first DMV location last November (in downtown DC) and George Vincent, Jr.'s burgeoning mini-empire continues to grow with tomorrow's grand opening in Rosslyn. Ideally situated at 1500 Wilson Blvd., only a couple of blocks away from the Metro, the newest Capriotti's should be plenty busy all-day long. That means 10:30 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Saturday; and 11 AM - 7 PM on Sundays.

To be fair, Capriotti's probably won't turn the sandwich industry upside down; but it has one pivotal advantage in its arsenal... the Bobbie. You can read my review here; but suffice it to say, it's BIG, delicious and unique. I've had a half-dozen this year alone, and it's definitely my go-to sandwich here; but grand openings should be all about new discoveries, so I decided to try their famous Cheese Steak sandwich (minus the cheese, of course.)

Cheese Steak Sandwich (minus cheese)

Size matters, and small sandwiches at Capriotti's are anything but. Their Cheese Steak sandwich is no exception; and it's packed with top quality steak and fresh ingredients, albeit on a non-toasted bun. Do like me, and ask for hot peppers. Sure, you may cry; but odds are, they'll be tears of joy. Yours truly had those same tears, as I spoke with a very busy (but proud as punch) Vincent. How busy? In addition to Thursday's media preview, he oversaw a giveaway of 3,000 samples before the Nationals-Diamondbacks game at Nats Park; then stuck around for the "Beat the Bobbie" contest during the 7th inning stretch (nobody won... wish I had been there.) Lucky for me (and you) there will be several more contests before the end of the season. May I suggest practicing beforehand?

"Beat the Bobbie" at Nats Park (Photo: George Vincent, Jr.)

The Rosslyn location seats 46 with additional outdoor seating planned for next spring. Service was super-fast and friendly, and they sell the Bobbie! Enough said, right? Stop by tomorrow; and be one of the first 50 in line at 11 AM, to win certificates for “Bobbies” for an entire year. The first 100 will receive a free Bobbie sandwich. Rumor has it... the Nationals Presidents will be on hand to "say" hello and pose for photos. My advice? Come early, and come hungry. Let Capriotti's take care of the rest.