Thursday, August 28, 2014

GRK Fresh Greek Food Review II

Chicken Yeero with Seasoned Fries

Few restaurants (especially on the level of fast casual) produce a sense of family; but such is the case at GRK Fresh Greek. It's not easy to explain... it's just there (perhaps it's some kind of European connection, Greece to my Ireland?) Whatever it is, I like love it; and when you add in delicious food (including our new #1 overall French fry) a full house of attractive customers and even better-looking aesthetics... It's enough to earn the unofficial title of DC's Best Individual Fast Casual Restaurant.

I know what you're thinking... So soon? After all, this is only my second review of an eatery that's been open for less than two months. My answer? Why wait? Standards are high (they take customer feedback very seriously) and customer service remains outstanding. Credit Managing Director Alex Alevras and GM Antonio Karampas for that... they're on site, making sure everything runs smoothly. Trust me: It makes a difference. It's actually fun (almost cool) to visit. And then there's the food...

Whether you call them gyros or yeeros (the proper term here) GRK Fresh makes the best in town. No small feat, given their close proximity to a longtime favorite Greek deli (literally a few doors down a very busy 19th Street.) Sure the former has long lines; but GRK's are just as long (but inside, where it's cool and relaxing.) Today's order was for the Chicken yeero (in a pita, smartly tucked at the bottom) with spicy Kaftero tzatziki, tomatoes, onions and a side of incredible, Seasoned Fries.

Oh, the fries. Absolutely scrumptious. So good in fact, they not only cracked our Top 5... they went straight to the very top. The spices are simple (mostly salt and pepper, with garlic and oregano too) but the frying is done to sheer perfection, and most importantly... consistent. Serve me flimsy fries, and I'll have to strip away the honor; but something tells me, that's not going to happen. You also get a generous supply for their listed price of $3.81.

As for the aforementioned yeero... What more can you ask for? The bread is perfect (not too thick, not too thin) the chicken, superbly seasoned and the whole package, expertly assembled. It's the latter, I find especially rare; although good chicken gyros don't exactly come a dime a dozen either. Wash it all down with Puck's Vanilla Cream soda; and you'll swear you're in Heaven.

All this, and is it any wonder I hold GRK in such high esteem? Staying at the top is a lot harder than getting there; so I'll be watching carefully to make sure they don't slip. Lucky for me, that will require several repeat visits. Life is good. GRK Fresh Greek is even better.