Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DC Shot of the Day: Edmund Burke Statue

Edmund Burke Statue

Edmund Burke, the philosophical father of modern conservatism. Irish born (Dublin, 1729) Burke moved to England and was elected into the British Parliament, where he later championed the cause of the American Colonies and their growing opposition to King George III and "Merrie Olde England." He also opposed the French Revolution; and fought hard to secure the impeachment of Warren Hastings for alleged acts of corruption in India.

More than two centuries after his death, Burke is honored locally via the Edmund Burke School (my polling place) and a bronze statue at the corner of 11th & L Streets, NW (cater-corner from Bolt Burgers.) The statue, a second cast of James Havard Thomas' 1894 original (located in Bristol, England) was presented to the United States by then Lord Mayor of London Sir Charles Wakefield, and dedicated on October 12, 1922.