Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Craft Coffee Launches Coffee DNA Project

From our friends at Craft Coffee...

Coffee + Science + Technology = Love

Do you know why you love your favorite coffee? A lot of us can’t put our finger on exactly why we dislike one cup but love another. Craft Coffee has pioneered the ultimate experience of the best coffees from exotic growing regions around the world via independent roasters across the country. After three years of evaluating thousands of these coffees and learning about what makes your favorite brew perfect for you, they have cracked the formula. Today Craft Coffee announces the Coffee DNA Project - where curation meets convenience. Using innovative science and technology, they bring you a uniquely tailored coffee experience delivered directly to your doorstep.

The coffee scientists know why you love your favorite coffee, and that’s why they can tailor an experience that’s perfect for you. They use industry-leading technology to scientifically analyze every coffee that comes through the doors of their Brooklyn coffee lab. Why do they pay so much attention to the details? So they can guarantee you’ll love the coffees they choose for you.

Despite the technical work behind the scenes, finding your Coffee DNA couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is take a 30 second survey about your coffee preferences and habits. The experts at Craft Coffee will play matchmaker and connect you with your new favorite coffees. They’ll also meet you at the price you want to pay with a range of options, from the dependable Craft Everyday selections to the distinctive Craft Reserve selections, many of which are organic and direct trade. All Craft Coffee selections are hand-roasted by independent coffee roasters - American small businesses pouring their heart and soul into a great product. And unlike coffees from the big industrial guys, the beans are always fresh roasted for your order. They’ll never sit stale on a grocery store shelf.

With Coffee DNA, you can set the course of your own unique coffee journey. Whether you want to try something different in each delivery, stick with something familiar, or treat yourself to something special, they’ll create a tailored coffee experience just for you. You set your convenient delivery schedule, and they’ll make sure you never run out of coffee again! Your no-fee membership isn't just about the amazing coffees in each delivery. You can buy and of their featured coffees that you fall in love with at the guaranteed lowest price, and earn unlimited free coffee - some of their members have earned over a year’s worth of coffee - by turning your friends on to them. If you want guidance at home, call on their dedicated Coffee Concierge for custom brew tips and equipment suggestions.

Founder and CEO Michael Horn started his coffee journey while attending Cornell Law School in Ithaca, New York, a town without a Starbucks at the time. Searching for a coffee fix, he discovered a local roaster taking coffee to the next level, and he’s never looked back. Several years later he quit his corporate job as a Wall Street lawyer, and founded Craft Coffee with the vision of connecting coffee lovers to the growing number of independent coffee roasters across the country. As he puts it, his band of coffee experts is “Hell bent on spreading the awesomeness of small-batch, independent coffee to the masses.” The selection panel at Craft Coffee is more selective than Harvard’s admission team, picking only 5% of the hundreds of submissions they consider to grace the tables and kitchen counters of coffee lovers.

“After three years of experimenting and talking with our customers,” says Horn, “we’ve discovered how to match people with coffees they’ll love.” The Coffee DNA Project uses science and technology to take the guesswork out of finding your new favorite coffees, and delivering a convenient, one-of-a-kind coffee experience straight to your door.

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