Friday, July 4, 2014

Schuyler Captures 6th Annual Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championship

Molly Schuyler wins Independence Burger Eating Championship

Molly Schuyler devoured 26 burgers on her way to capturing the sixth annual Independence Burger Eating Championship at the TenleyTown Z-Burger flagship location yesterday. Schuyler, the #1 ranked female competitive eater in the US (and mother of four) edged out defending champ Patrick "Deep-Dish" Bertoletti (25 burgers) for top honors and the first place prize of $1,500.

Schuyler was the lone female contestant (out of 16) and had no trouble scarfing down 26 1/4 lb. hamburgers in only 10 minutes. That's no easy task under ideal circumstances; but when you consider how hot it was outside (90*+) it's downright impressive. Bertoletti, who held an early lead over Schuyler, took home $850 for finishing in second place... part of $3,750 in total prizes. Former pro boxer David Brunelli (20 burgers) finished third, and won $500.

Once again, Z-Burger's eating contest attracted a huge media turnout... the kind you'd expect to see for a Hollywood premiere or major celebrity book signing. Members of the press (and everyone else in attendance) were treated to free hamburgers until 3:30 PM, yet another in a long line of effective promotions by owner Peter Tabibian, who clearly missed his calling as a boxing promoter (a la Don King.) Considering how delicious his burgers are, I'm glad he stuck with burgers instead.

Schuyler and runner-up Patrick Bertoletti (r)

Defending champ "Deep-Dish" finishes a close second

Z-Burger owner Peter Tabibian

Last minute preparations

Behind the scenes before the contest

Not everyone was busy stuffing their face

Contestant Stephen Alexander

David Brunelli (l) placed third with 20 burgers

Master of Ceremonies DJ Jarrod Wronski