Tuesday, July 29, 2014

George Washington University Hospital Cafeteria Breakfast Review

I love, love, love breakfast; but not all breakfasts are created equal. Some are downright average at best, and some are (shudder) worse. Unfortunately, the one served at the George Washington University Hospital Cafeteria is the latter.

It's not the price, mind you... a pure bargain at just $2.50 for scrambled eggs, potatoes and your choice of breakfast meat: It's the taste, or lack thereof. Potato slices are uneven in size, and thus cooked to varying degrees (including close to raw.) They're also laden with water. Gross. Eggs, normally a breeze to make in large batches are inexplicably nuked (and taste accordingly.) Pork sausage links are plump and juicy, although way underdone.

My plate was still half-full when I called it quits, a rarity in and of itself: I can count on one hand, the number of times I haven't finished a hot breakfast. That said, I shouldn't be too disappointed (after all, it's a hospital cafeteria) but with great price, comes great responsibility. The only responsible thing left to do... is promise never to return (at least not for breakfast.)

As for atmosphere, did I mention it's a hospital cafeteria? Expect a few homeless guys, numerous loiterers and an occasional student-athlete (go Colonials!) Outside of price and convenience (i.e. you're stuck at the hospital) I can't see any reason to recommend coming here. One more reason to stay healthy.