Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Corner Bakery Cafe Food Review II

Bacon-Bacon Local Tomato Sandwich

It's back! The BBLT (Bacon-Bacon Local Tomato sandwich) returns to Corner Bakery Cafe in all its mouth-watering glory (for a limited time, of course.) Advertised as "Our craveable seasonal favorite made with six thick slices of applewood smoked bacon, locally grown tomatoes, leaf lettuce, and our very own cracked pepper balsamic mayo on toasted Mom's bread," the BBLT is worth every penny of its admittedly hefty ($8.49) price tag. At least that comes with a free bag of kettle-cooked chips.

I continue to marvel at how good the downtown Corner Bakery Cafe is. No wonder the lines often run out the door, despite the best efforts of an impressively quick set of cashiers. Mine (Cassandra) seems to have cornered the market on niceness, winning me over at hello and continuously wowing me throughout the entire order process: Talk about charming! No mayo? No problem. All transactions should be this effortless. Could it cost less? Perhaps (add in $2.09 for a soda, and we're over the magical $10 threshold) but someone's gotta pay for six genuinely thick slices of bacon, right?

My sandwich arrived within five minutes, delivered by yet another enthusiastic worker (hats off to the management.) Nothing beats good quality ingredients and simplicity. The bacon (all six slices) literally pours out of the sandwich, expertly assembled with only the freshest lettuce and tomatoes. And fear not... there's zero dryness, despite the lack of mayo. The lettuce takes care of that all by itself, followed by an avalanche of juiciness (courtesy of the aforementioned local tomatoes.) It's as if I made it at home... without having to cook, slice or assemble anything. Isn't that the whole idea of eating out?

Don't look now, but Corner Bakery Cafe is fast becoming one of my favorite downtown destinations (my Aunt and I went back for breakfast, the very next day... same great food & service.) The BBLT got us in the door (one of the best sandwiches in DC) and the staff made sure we'll keep coming back.