Monday, July 7, 2014

48th Annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival - Day 10

And that's a wrap! The Smithsonian Folklife Festival bid farewell to the nation's capital (at least until next year) in grandiose style yesterday... with a 10th and final day of food, music, arts and crafts on the grounds of the National Mall. Thousands turned out, on yet another great day of weather (high 80's, sunny) to catch the 48th annual festival's celebration of China: Tradition and the Art of Living and Kenya: Mambo Po (great choices, by the way.) More than an estimated million people took part in this year's festival... an impressive tally, even when you consider the Fourth of July crowds.

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of escorting my Aunt Nessa to yesterday's festivities. It was her first visit in years, and she appeared to have a great time (Marketplace misfortunes notwithstanding.) Thanks for the company, and thanks to the Smithsonian for putting on another remarkable festival. We can't wait until next year.

Leishan Miao Music and Dance Group

Lusheng Making

Five Spice Kitchen - Discuss Tea Drinking

Bohai Mohe Embroidery - Sun Yanling

Public Lesson: Tai Chi/Tai Chi Ball

New Year's Prints

Sachet Making - Liu LanFang

Embroidered Patchwork

Dragon-Lion Cart

Ngoma Stage