Wednesday, June 25, 2014

G Street Food Breakfast Review

G Street Platter

G Street Food hits a home run with their third location, the first and only one to serve dinner... all just a stone's throw from McPherson Square. The 5,400 square foot space seats 120 ultra comfortably, and serves up one of the best breakfast values in town.

$5.25 gets you the G Street Platter... Two eggs, Allan Benton bacon or smoked ham, house potatoes and toast. That's Allan Benton, as in the best bacon in the business (so far as we're concerned.) It's a thinner variety than you'd find at Burger, Tap & Shake or City Tap House; but you get not one, not two, not three, not even four but rather five slices. That's in addition to two XL eggs, and a generous supply of home fries.

Roomy interior

I arrived after the morning rush (about 10:15 AM) and was warmly greeted by an enthusiastic cashier/order taker. The space is HUGE, spick-and-span clean and loaded with seating options. There's a very cool wine cooler in the middle of the room; and even the bathrooms (individual!) are spotless with Xlerator hand dryers for good measure. Color me impressed.

My order was ready in just over five minutes, and came neatly packaged in a takeaway container (just in case you're not eating in.) Said container was literally filled to the rim with bacon, eggs and potatoes stacked neatly under two slices of thick, airy white toast (served with Cabot butter.) The bread is high quality, and grilled to toast.

The potatoes are dusted with coriander, cumin and turmeric... and are plenty tender. The eggs lack flavor/zest, but you get a lot of them (add salt.) The bacon (all five slices) is cooked perfectly, and provides plenty of crunch to the rest of the meal. You could literally feed two people for the price of one.

There's also free water (with lime) and great music (Ben Harper's Walk Away) at an even better volume: G Street Food passes the Shazam test with flying colors, on the first try. It's hard not to love this place: Is it any wonder G Street Food was Voted “Best Weekday Breakfast” by the Washington Post? Toss in a friendly good-bye and those giant G Street Doughnuts (just $1.75) for next time; and I assure you... this won't be my last visit.