Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Robeks Spa Inspired Creations Review

Refreshingly Green

Smoothie alert! Robeks tends to pave the way when it comes to new flavor profiles; so I was especially keen to try their latest Spa Inspired Creations, a colorful trio of smoothies matching raw cucumbers & honey to their already impressive rotation of fruits, juices and vegetables. The results? Predictably delicious.

For the record, if I win the lottery... I'm moving right across the street from Robeks, and switching to a 95% all-smoothie diet. 97% tops: You didn't think I was giving up on burgers & fries, did ya? One of the main reasons why (besides convenience) is Robeks' seemingly endless assortment of flavor combinations, and their ability to turn healthy ingredients into guilt free "treats." Take newbie #1 Refreshingly Green, my favorite of the three new creations. Robeks add fresh raw cucumber and honey to a base made up of apple juice, 100% natural frozen yogurt, fresh raw spinach, ripe peach and pineapple. Beautifully green, and perfectly sweet, I dare you to taste spinach (not my favorite green, unless it's fried.) Instead, your taste buds get to feast on apples, peaches & yogurt (in that order.) Almost freezing cold, it's close to perfect.

Spa-berry Lemonade

Next up is Spa-berry Lemonade, light red in color and made with papaya juice, 100% natural frozen yogurt, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and ripe strawberries (in addition to the aforementioned raw cucumbers & honey.) Definitely the sweetest of the three, it's also the one that seems to get the most out of the cucumbers. If cucumbers become the next kale, you can hold this drink personally responsible. I detected mostly strawberries and yogurt; but make no mistake, you'll instantly notice the cucumbers and papaya too. Lemon juice provides a nice acidic counter to the sweetness (just in case your sweet tooth isn't as sweet as mine.)

Tropical Zing

Last, but certainly not least... Robeks introduces Tropical Zing, easily the best looking of the bunch (a nice, warm yellow.) Here you'll find the now familiar flavors of cucumber & honey, added to an exciting blend of passion fruit juice, 100% natural frozen yogurt, as well as ripe mangos and peaches. I'm not a big fan of passion fruit; but if you are, prepare to meet your new favorite addition to Robeks' menu. I'd like to see more mango and/or peach; but I'd have no problem adding it to my smoothie schedule say once every other week or so. Best of all it includes raw honey (much healthier than regular honey) which does a ton of good for your insides.

Premium Treatment

Speaking of healthy, Robeks is still selling the heck out of fresh wheatgrass, and now adds raw cucumber & honey to its popular 2-ounce shot. It's called the Premium Treatment, and looks amazing with a slice of cucumber on the side. As for taste... I won't tell tales: It's not sweet, but it is incredibly fresh (drink immediately) and easy to swallow.

To try the new flavors, hurry into a nearby Robeks. As mentioned earlier, this is a limited time promotion... valid through June 15th, then they're gone.) Click here to find the nearest Robeks to you.