Monday, May 26, 2014

Muncheez Mania Food Review

"The Dude" Pizza

There's something oh-so-comforting about a restaurant that doesn't take itself too seriously. Prime example: Muncheez Mania in Georgetown. Few eateries can afford to open their doors in this high-rent district, and push substance over style; yet that's exactly what you'll find here. Muncheez screams "college town" with friendly prices and a laid-back atmosphere that admittedly leaves room for improvement. I wouldn't hold my breath on any cosmetic changes; but in the meantime, you may as well enjoy the food.

My brother and I stopped by for a quick bite, before a movie screening at the nearby AMC Georgetown; and were immediately sold on the low-key environment and relatively cheap prices. The staff here is pretty busy, and doesn't seem to have much time for small talk (which is fine by me.) They took our order for a Falafel Wrapz ($7) The Dude pizza ($8) and a Muncheez Bites of Curly Fries ($3) with one Mini Muncheez (Meat Pie) for another $1.50... plus a couple of fountain drinks ($2 each.) Brian & I grabbed a seat in the back... a quirky, small dining area with crazy (I'm 45) artwork on the wall.

Curly Fries

To be fair, we had to wait a while for our food; although they had the good sense to bring each item once ready. I wouldn't want to stay here too long: It's far from tidy, and close to shabby chic (without the chic part.) It is relaxing though... at least until it started to fill up with people: Let's just say four more, makes a crowd. We enjoyed the fries (standard fare, but plenty of 'em for the aforementioned three bucks) and I liked the Sfiha (meat pie) which had nice flavor and a good pastry crust, despite its tiny size.

Mini Meat Pie

The night's biggest surprise was The Dude pizza (spiced ground beef, parsley, onion, tomato, mozzarella and mayo) minus the mayo (who puts mayo on a pizza? Yuck.) It took a long time to prepare; but the finished product was well worth the wait. Awesome crust (tender, almost pastry-like) with ample supplies of nicely-seasoned beef, tomatoes and cheese. Cook it longer (as in 2-3 more minutes) and we're talking AMAZING. As is, close to delicious.

Muncheez Mania skews Mediterranean, and has made a name for itself with their street-side Crepes window. My brother wasn't too impressed with his falafel wrap; but we promised to return for some aforementioned crepes (and Kibbe for me.) Is it perfect? Not quite, but charm has a way of winning one over... especially on return visits. Wish us luck.