Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jack's Fresh Salad Bar & Grill Food Review

#7 - 1/3 lb. Hamburger with Fries

Jack's Fresh Salad Bar & Grill is one of many downtown eateries, that offers fresh deli sandwiches in addition to fruit, hot food and salad bar options. Hardly revolutionary, but Jack's is often packed at lunch. Curiosity peaked. Sandwich combos come with free 20 oz. fountain drinks, on top of already low prices (a 1/3 lb. hamburger with fries sets you back a mere $7.49.) Forget curiosity... I'm all in. The end result? Some of the best fries in town, a decent burger and value, value, value.

Despite the big crowds, Jack's is easy to navigate. The sandwich selection is extensive (12 specials + more) and the ordering process, quick & efficient. Waits are short, and your food arrives piping hot. It appears chaotic at times, but the staff is on top of every detail. Tread comfortably.

The salad bar looks extra inviting, and the hot food enticing enough: You could eat here thrice a week without getting bored. I was in & out in just over five minutes... which is pretty remarkable. Noontime may not be the best time to get a seat; but I was able to sit outside (at the restaurant next door) without anyone bothering me.

Burger & fries is far from complicated, but credit Jack's for making some of the best spuds around. Extra crispy and hot, they're a joy to eat. The burger is big for a third of a pounder, and tastes good enough (although I wish they'd grill their buns.) Free sodas cinch the deal, making Jack's one of my new favorite quick stops for weekday lunch. Can't wait to try their Grilled Cajun Chicken sandwich next time.

Atmosphere: B (Busy, but well-organized.)
Burger: C+ (Could use some seasoning, but tasty enough.)
Toppings: C+ (No complaints.)
Fries: B+ (Yum. Piping hot & delicious.)
Value: B+ (Even better when you consider it's downtown DC.)
Overall: B (Great value, awesome fries and fast service... Sold!)