Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fado Irish Pub Food Review

Bacon Cheeseburger Mór with Chips

Pub food isn't half as inspiring, as it used to be (was it ever?) Since I gave up on beer and liquor, I suppose it's only natural to drop pubs off my most-frequented list. I still know better not to order a glass of wine in one (bad image for an Irishman) but every now & then, I get a hankering for a tasty burger and thick potato wedges. Used to be, the only place to find a good burger was in a pub. Thankfully, times have changed, but sometimes you have to go back to your roots. After striking out at nearby Matchbox, I slipped into Fado Irish Pub for a late, quiet lunch; and left with renewed affinity for one of my former favorites.

Why Matchbox was still packed for lunch after 2:00 PM is beyond me; but I had no trouble finding a table at Fado. Before you start worrying, rest assured Fado is usually full to capacity; but not many people can afford to drink liberally in the middle of a workday. I grabbed a big round table in the back (away from the bar) and ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger Mór: Grilled to order, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato & onion (sans cheese) for $10.95. Fado offers both skinny fries and wedges; but if I wouldn't order wine here, I'm sure as heck not going to order "skinny" fries. I did however place an order for a Ginger Ale (still no beer or liquor.)

Fado looks like most Irish pubs, only thankfully brighter and cleaner. It was also a lot less noisy, allowing me some much needed time to wind down. My wait clocked in at just under 15 minutes; and I couldn't have been happier with the presentation. Plenty of fries with a gorgeous burger wrapped in wax paper, topped with two pickles and an olive. Once unwrapped, my burger continued to excel... Soft kaiser roll, two big slices of fresh tomato, bright green lettuce and HP sauce. The meat was perfectly cooked (MEDIUM) and well-seasoned. Super impressive for the price, and with bacon to boot.

My server Marchelle was very friendly, and gave me plenty of privacy. He still managed to check in on me twice, and made sure I was 100% satisfied. With a $5 tip, my check came in at just under $20, which borders on steep for a burger, fries & drink; but finding someplace peaceful and quiet to dine in Penn Quarter makes it worth the extra couple of bucks. Final verdict: Tasty food, comfortable atmosphere and well worth a return trip.

Atmosphere: B- (Extra points for being almost empty.)
Burger: B+ (Great burger.)
Fries: B (Nice wedges. No complaints.)
Service: B (Solid as they come.)
Value: B- ($20 is $20.)
Overall: B (One of the best pub combos out there.)