Friday, May 16, 2014

Cosi Breakfast Review

Make-Your-Own Omelette Sandwich

Cosi makes a pretty mean sandwich; but what about breakfast? And what the heck is a Squagel? I decided to find out earlier this week; and came away equal parts disappointed & impressed.

For starters, walking into Cosi at 9:30 AM instead of the lunch rush hour is akin to driving anywhere on Christmas day... Nice and quiet. Atmosphere is HUGE for me, and Cosi has a very nice one (once you're able to have it all to yourself.) Service at the register remains friendly, intuitive and quick; and they still deliver every order to your table. A Make-Your-Own Omelette Sandwich (available on a croissant or Squagel) sets you back only $3.49: I ordered mine with bacon and red peppers. Sue me, I'm simple.

My wait was a little more than five minutes; and per usual, Cosi's sandwich looked great. Squagels (square bagels, sort of) are baked on-site daily in Cosi's famous open-hearth ovens, and come cut in half (for convenience, I suppose.) Not sure how convenient it was for me however, as my sandwich was terribly messy... and its contents couldn't wait to escape (by any means necessary.)

I suppose it doesn't help that my sandwich was dry (I keep forgetting to add a tomato, since I don't like cheese.) The bread is great on its own, but tends to overwhelm what's inside. All I tasted was bread and red peppers. It's plenty big enough to fill you; and even the fastest eater will have to slow down, to get through the bread. Keeping it intact and moist would be my plan of attack if there's a next time. Perhaps a croissant? For now, I'll stick to lunch (and hope for a thin crowd.)