Saturday, May 24, 2014

Breadline Food Review

Breadline rules the roost, when it comes to area bakeries; and quite possibly sandwich shoppes too. That's a lethal combination, but no surprise to anyone who's familiar with founder Mark Furstenberg (the genius behind Marvelous Market and most recently Bread Furst.) Breadline is wildly popular, serving everyone from loyal White House staffers to lowly food critics such as yours truly. Lines are long, but worth the wait. Service is surprisingly quick and efficient, and I've yet to experience a bad visit.

This review covers two recent trips... the first back on December 11th of last year, when I ordered Breadline's Merguez Sausage sandwich (spicy lamb sausage with tomato salsa & red pepper sauce on a petit baguette for $8.75.) For starters, the bread is perfect (no surprise) and easily holds all ingredients (no mess whatsoever.) It's a Speciality Sandwich (not available on Wednesdays) and definitely qualifies as a meat-lovers option only. Some might consider it a tad dull (the lamb sausage isn't that spicy) but I absolutely love it. It's similar to a sandwich I'd make at home, but could benefit from some arugula or lettuce (especially for color.) The crunch of the bread is unrivaled, and the ingredients are nice & soft inside.

Merguez Sausage sandwich

If you want more than just a sandwich, be sure to add Fresh-cut French Fries & sea salt to your order for $2.40. $2.40: Is that a typo? No, you actually get TONS of fries for that incredibly low price, and they're tasty to boot (not to mention healthy.) FYI: They easily feed three people. Generous portions = one more reason to love Breadline.

Fresh-cut French fries

Breadline also serves up unbelievable pizza, once again at near-giveaway prices. Don't expect many choices... You get two: Sausage or Mediterranean Pizza (grilled zucchini, peppers, onions & pesto.) I went with the former - Italian sausage, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese for just $7.25 (told you it was cheap.) Expect bold flavor, and some of the best sausage in town (and lots of it.) Paired with rich Big Roma tomatoes, the sausage could probably stand a few extra minutes in the oven; but it's still incredibly zesty and tasty on its own. The crust is thick, yet somehow manages to stay delicate (almost pastry-like.) It could easily be one of the best pizzas in DC, save for its appearance and smell (some cheeses smell better than others, but not this one.) It isn't mozzarella; and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind if you asked for a substitute. I literally held my breath, as I devoured each scrumptious slice (four total, good for one person... perhaps two, if you're generous.) Their Mediterranean Pizza is a great vegetarian option with even more flavor and added crunch.

Italian Sausage Pizza

Is it any wonder that Breadline is one of my favorite places to eat? Fridays mean BBQ Pork sandwiches & Tomato Basil soup; and their $2.10 Sugar Donuts are without equal. Odds are, that first bad experience will never come. In the meantime, I plan on putting them to the test as often as possible. P.S. They're open until 5:30 PM Monday to Friday; so afternoon baguettes are a must, if you're in the neighborhood.