Monday, April 7, 2014

White Apron Speciality Sandwiches Food Review

Brooklyn Roast Beef Sandwich

The U.S. is the unequivocal sandwich capital of the world. From coast to coast, there's no shortage of iconic options... the French Dip (Philippe's) in Los Angeles, Pastrami on Rye (Carnegie Deli) in New York and of course, the Philly (Geno's, not Pat's) Cheesesteak. The nation's capital has been playing catch-up for years; yet still doesn't have a signature sandwich to call its own... or even a premium deli for that matter. The search for a suitable sarnie presses on; but I may have finally found a place worthy of serving it, once it's found... Ladies and gents, I give you White Apron Speciality Sandwiches.

Around the corner and across the street from Landmark's E Street Cinema, White Apron has been around for over a year; but before today, I'd never been inside. The restaurant is wide & spacious yet looks sterile, like an old (but clean) British hospital... almost entirely white and nondescript. To the best of my knowledge, they don't even provide hot sandwiches; but let me be perfectly clear... they make one mean, mother fu*ker of a sandwich.

I ordered a Brooklyn Roast Beef (double-stacked premium roast beef, freshly blended horseradish sauce, tomatoes and frisée-arugula) minus the greens for $7.95 with a fountain drink ($1.96.) While ringing me up, the cashier gave me a White Apron Rewards card that earns you a free dessert item for every three sandwiches you buy; and a free sandwich after seven. He also filled me in on a new weekend promo... ½ price sandwiches! Score one for in-house advertising.

My sandwich took only a couple of minutes to prepare, expertly wrapped in checkerboard red & white wax paper and a strip of tape. Nice & simple. I chose WA's house brand orange pop (over Lemon Up... great name) and took a seat by the 11th Street side of windows. I unwrapped the sandwich, and marveled at the visionary assembly of ingredients. If your idea of a good sammie is Subway or Quiznos, prepare to be overwhelmed. Ditto for the ingredients, especially the generous supply of premium roast beef. Great horseradish sauce & tomatoes ensure yours won't be dry; and I was completely hooked after just one bite. The bread's good, not great; but the roast beef is so amazing... you're compelled to keep eating.

Sauces are created on-site, and there are 20 sandwiches to choose from... on white or wheat bread. Customer service is low-key, but no-less impressive. The aforementioned cashier stopped by to check in on me: I can only hope my broad smile was enough to convey my unbridled joy. By the time I was done, I even began to dig the all-white surroundings. After 20 minutes, I was able to cross "find great sandwich shoppe" off my bucket list: How's that for efficiency?