Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunrise Cafe Breakfast Review

Finding someplace affordable to eat, in the heart of downtown DC is no small task: That's what makes Sunrise Cafe so special. Nestled in between L and M Streets, NW on 17th sits the aforementioned Sunrise Cafe, a local favorite that serves breakfast all day (seven days a week) and at surprisingly low prices (with very good taste!)

I had a film screening at the nearby National Geographic Museum, and was hungry after (surprise, surprise.) It was 12:30, and the odds of finding breakfast were slim to none; or so I thought. Sunrise Cafe sells its entire menu, all day. That means burgers and pizza at 8:00 AM, or bacon & eggs at 3:30 in the afternoon. Awesome. They also offer shaded outdoor seating (four tables) in addition to several stools (tight fit) inside. I ordered a breakfast platter (two scrambled eggs, sausage, home fries and two slices of white toast) from the friendly owner for $5.75.

During my record short wait, I took a glance around the cozy, but crowded eatery. Signs are everywhere (pancake specials, combos, etc.) and there's so much to choose from... you sorta wish it was a little easier to see all at once. That may kill some of Sunrise Cafe's charm; but by the time, I started to think about it... my order was ready! Talk about fast (literally a couple of minutes.)

I grabbed a table outside (it was a perfect day) and dove into a nice looking plate of food. Two slices of toast with two pads of butter (no jam/preserves, but I'm sure you can ask for some) one sausage patty (yes, I'm greedy... I was hoping for two) plenty of home fries and two scrambled eggs, straight off the grill.

Great toast, and the home fries were relatively tender, and well-seasoned (visibly too.) My sausage patty was quite zesty and void of grease; but the eggs appear to be flash-scrambled on the grill, resulting in a dark color and somewhat dry taste. Not a deal breaker mind you, but worth mentioning. With a can of soda, my total bill came to $7.26 (no tip required.) Service was super fast, and very polite. They even bring your food out to your table for you (at least on the weekends... Sunrise Cafe gets very busy during the work week.) It's easy to see why it's so highly regarded by the locals: I'll definitely be back for a burger and fries (review to follow.)