Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Robeks Debuts 'Spa Inspired Creations'

From our friends at Robeks...

Raw Honey and Raw Cucumber are Key Ingredients in These Nutrition-Packed Premium Smoothies

Robeks smoothie franchise has become the first national franchise to offer smoothies prepared with raw honey and raw cucumber. The menu items, called Spa Inspired Creations™, are designed to encapsulate the experience of a high-end spa, complete with a feeling of health, refreshment and rejuvenation.

The new menu items are in line with Robeks’ track record as a best-in-class innovator in the smoothie and juice industry. The 18-year-old franchise is known for being the first to introduce products and concepts later embraced by the smoothie franchise industry, including Açaí and Greek Yogurt Smoothies.

“Spa Inspired Creations are much more than new smoothie flavors,’” said Chad Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer at Robeks. “They evoke the refreshing feeling of being pampered at a high-end spa. They are a continuation of the innovative, best-in-class products Robeks has long been known for. We believe in developing menu choices that transcend our customers’ expectations and deliver liquid nutrition with exceptional taste. We like to say, “Healthy never tasted this good.™”

The new offerings include three kinds of nutrient-packed smoothies in medium and large servings, all available at Robeks stores across the country until June 15.

The new products include Spa-berry Lemonade™, a red smoothie made with papaya juice, fresh raw cucumber, 100% natural frozen yogurt, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, ripe strawberries and raw honey and Tropical Zing™, a yellow smoothie prepared with passion fruit juice, fresh raw cucumber, 100% natural frozen yogurt, ripe peach, ripe mango, and raw honey. Refreshingly Green™, a green smoothie made with apple juice, fresh raw cucumber, 100% natural frozen yogurt, fresh raw spinach, ripe peach, ripe pineapple and raw honey, is a menu item during the limited-time-only promotion.

Get the Premium Treatment™, a 2-ounce shot of wheatgrass accompanied by a “chaser” slice of raw cucumber with a drizzle of raw honey, is also available through June 15.

Why Raw Honey and Raw Cucumbers?
Robeks has established itself as the premium brand in the smoothie industry by paying as much attention to nutrition as taste and committing itself to providing meals and snacks that not only taste good, they are good. Raw cucumbers add tremendous depth and texture to our new smoothies. Cucumbers are also packed with benefits, such as minerals, vitamins C, A, K, B-carotene, and potassium. Cucumbers also assist with managing weight and lowering blood pressure.

Raw honey, unlike traditional honey, which is pasteurized and removed of almost all of its beneficial properties, is full of nutritional benefits. It is rich in active enzymes, phytonutrients, and vitamins. It helps with fighting free radicals caused by stress, and is known for helping people to improve their energy and stamina. Raw honey is also a hot trend in the beverage and spirits industry. Honey enhances the taste of our smoothies and increases nutritional benefits.

To learn more, including a look at the Robeks startup costs and financial performance, visit www.robeksfranchise.com.