Sunday, April 6, 2014

Meet Director Satoshi Miki at the Freer Gallery

Satoshi Miki presents It's Me, It's Me this Friday at the Freer Gallery

From our friends at the Freer Gallery of Art...

To celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival, award-winning Japanese director Satoshi Miki returns to the Freer Gallery to bring back a beloved favorite Adrift in Tokyo and present his latest film, It’s Me, It’s Me. Miki will be joined by his proclaimed “muse of all-time,” actress Eri Fuse.

Satoshi Miki’s vision of Tokyo in his impish comedy Adrift in Tokyo is similar in sensibility to the 19th century Japanese artist Kobayashi Kiyochika’s, whose depictions of the city will be on view at the same time in the Kiyoshika: Master of the Night. Miki joins Jim Ulak, exhibition curator to discuss the intriguing links between these two artists’ perceptions of Tokyo. The talk takes place on Sunday, April 13 at noon, prior to the screening.
The Friday prior, J-Pop star Kazuya Kamenashi (of the bank KAT-TUN) stars as 33 different characters in It’s Me, It’s Me – surreal, Kafka-esque comedy. In the beginning of the film, Kamenashi acts as Hitoshi, an aspiring photographer in a dead-end job. He finds a lost cell phone and impulsively calls the owner’s mother, impersonating her son and asking for money. She complies, but he is so wracked with guilt that he goes to her apartment to return it. Hitoshi is surprised to be welcomed with open arms as her actual son—an exact copy of himself. From there, things get even weirder, as copies of Hitoshi begin to proliferate and a nationwide plot to “delete” them unfolds.

“If Spike Jones directed The Big Lebowski, it might look something like Satoshi Miki’s It’s Me, It’s Me”, said Eric Kohn, the lead film critic for indieWIRE. It’s Me, It’s Me won the audience award at the 2013 Udine Far East Film Festival. The screening will be on Friday, April 11 at 7pm.

To learn more about both events, please visit the event web page.