Saturday, March 8, 2014

Johnny Rockets Breakfast Review

Eggs "My Way" with sausage

The food court at Union Station isn't my idea of "fine dining," and far from affordable; but it was close to 10:30 AM on a Tuesday, and I needed breakfast... any breakfast. Johnny Rockets was still serving; so I popped in and ordered Eggs "My Way" for $6.59.

Before I get to specifics, let's take a moment to sing Johnny Rockets' praises for serving breakfast at all. Additional kudos are also warranted for affordability: Eggs "My Way" with two large eggs (scrambled,) sausage (or smoked bacon,) classic country potatoes & choice of toast for under $7, in a major transportation hub isn't necessarily easy to find.

I had my choice of seats (there were three other AM customers, when I arrived) but the booths are super tight and uncomfortable... much smaller than any others in the area. I was given a free glass of water, so I was able to get in and out for a tenner (including tax & tip.) My server was courteous at best, but quick to take my order. Food service was almost as fast: My breakfast took less than five minutes to prepare, and arrived nice & hot.

At first glance, I thought I was given four links of sausage; but the links are butterflied, so drop the count to an as-expected two. Potatoes were plentiful and tasty enough (although they could use some seasoning.) Eggs were overcooked, and also under-seasoned. Two slices of toast rounded out a nice-sized breakfast; although only one pad of butter is downright cheap.

Johnny Rockets makes food for fuel, not taste; and Tuesday's breakfast was no different than almost every other meal I've ever had here. Service is on par with Pentagon City, and at least a couple of steps better than the folks at 2000 Penn. That said, I'll gladly take average eggs over settling for a nearby doughnut any day of the week.