Sunday, February 23, 2014

Subway Flatizza Review

Subway Flatizza

"Cheesy & delicious meets crispy & square." That's the message, front & center on the box of Subway's new Flatizza. I was pleasantly surprised at how good Subway's regular pizza was (click here to read our review from last February) so I admit to having had a certain level of excitement at the prospect of a thinner crust (my only complaint re: their other pizza.)

It gets better when you consider the cost of a Flatizza. Try three bucks for a cheese, $3.50 for one of their three speciality offerings (Pepperoni, Spicy Italian and Veggie.) Additional toppings cost $.75 (added to the $3 base price.) I love sausage, so I ordered that (new total $3.75, still a steal.) Service was awesome as always (Mazza Gallerie is the best Subway franchise in America.)

As for the pizza... In theory, it's great; but I have the following issues. #1, More sauce. The guy (he was new) took forever to apply it with a spoon, and could have been more generous. #2, More time in the oven. If you're going for crispy, then make it crispy. Perhaps even double the time. #3, and this is the same complaint I have about their sandwiches... offer red peppers and mushrooms. These have to be two of the most popular toppings on any sandwich (plus pizza) and it's a shame that Subway doesn't consider them "worthy" enough to add to the mix.

That said, the Flatizza is the perfect size to fill you up (add chips or soup, if you're used to the thicker, regular pizza.) The ability to add basic toppings is a plus, and it comes smartly packaged in a box for carry out. Subway's flat bread is the only one I like anymore, so it makes sense that the pizza would taste good (although it's still a bit flimsy.) Extra kudos for slicing it into four parts.

Next time I order, I'll be sure to ask for more sauce and a second turn in the oven. Maybe I'll even sneak in a few strips of red pepper when no one's looking. As is, darn good (especially at under $4) but the potential's there for something extraordinary.