Sunday, February 16, 2014

Justin Willman Visits Sixth & I, February 27th

St. Louis, Missouri is known for Cardinals baseball, the Gateway Arch and the Mayfair Hotel (the first hotel to put chocolates on your bed pillow.) All three are fine & dandy, I suppose; but require traveling 800+ miles to get to. What we need, is to have St. Louis come to us. That's an easy fix: Comedian/magician (and St. Louis' own) Justin Willman will visit the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue on Thursday night, February 27th at 8:00 (in the downstairs venue.) A few tickets remain ($15 in advance, $18 day of) and I strongly recommend you buy some immediately (click here, and avoid a case of the sold-out blues.)

Willman, 33 is a regular on Ellen and The Tonight Show (someone call Jimmy Fallon) and has the unique ability to amaze, confound and carry a conversation at the same time (no easy feat, trust me.) He also currently hosts (and has, for all eight seasons) Food Network's popular Cupcake Wars. Word has it, he's even entertained the President of the United States at his place (AKA the White House.) That's a pretty tidy resume if you ask me.

Soon you can add "performing at Sixth & I" to his long list of accolades. As with all hot-shot celebrities (just kidding) Willman won't visit alone. Singer/rapper Bushwalla will open, guaranteeing a full night's entertainment for less than a piece of paper with Andrew Jackson's face on it.

Check out the following clips from previous Willman appearances...