Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Firefly Breakfast Review

Two Eggs (any style) with Home Fries & Sausage

Bigger isn't always better. Take Hotel Madera on New Hampshire Avenue, just southwest of Dupont Circle; and home to Firefly, a cozy, upscale eatery befitting a boutique hotel in the nation's capital. Fireflies are known for illuminating, and this morning's breakfast was just that... illuminating, as in. "I'm so happy to have a new go-to breakfast spot off Dupont Circle." Soup's on!

It was snowing when I snuck inside Firefly this morning, about 9:30 AM. First impressions? Off the charts. Cozy, warm, inviting. I received a cheerful welcome from Stephanie, Firefly's combination hostess, server & "Wonder Woman," and took a seat at a high table near the bar. The atmosphere inside couldn't have been more perfect. Check out the photo below of the kitchen area (what a great idea!) I asked Stephanie if it was possible to order (and finish) breakfast within 20 minutes. "No problem. Of course!" Let's order.

Great kitchen!

Firefly's menu is nice to look at; but with time against us, I kept it simple. 2 Eggs Any Style (scrambled) with Toast (whole grain) Sausage and Home Fries for $11... plus a Coke. Wonder Woman, er... Stephanie immediately took my order into the kitchen, and returned with a perfect Coke (not watered down, great amount of CO2.) Minutes later, a runner dropped off my perfect plate of food... allowing me an ample 15 minutes to enjoy my breakfast.

You couldn't ask for better eggs, and the whole grain toast was literally A+. My sausage was butterflied and grilled, and oozing with flavor. Even the butter was top notch! If I had to find fault with anything, I'd say the potatoes were slightly underdone without much seasoning; yet I devoured them, all the same.

More importantly, I felt 100% comfortable the entire time, despite having raced against the clock to get here less than half an hour earlier. It's as if I had been transported into a little corner of Heaven... Great music, 4-star service and terrific food. Firefly is a great place for an after-hour drink, romantic dinner or one of the best daily breakfasts in the city.

Hats off to Stephanie, the kind of girl every man wants to wake up to (for breakfast, of course.) She bears a strong resemblance to Jillian Harris from Love It or List It Too, currently my favorite TV show (please don't tease me, I'm not exactly proud over it) and literally does everything to make you feel comfortable. This includes noticing that my table wasn't steady, and fixing it (by herself) on the spot. You go Stephanie! I can't wait to see what they have in store for me for lunch. Note to self: Don't rush!