Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DC Shorts Presents Rewind

The Tangent (Photo Credit: Vincent Vesco)

From our friends at DC Shorts...

DC Shorts Presents 10 Years of Films in 100 Minutes

Relive a decade of short films at DC Shorts REWIND, Part of the Atlas Intersections Festival

After recently being named the Coolest Short Film Festival by Moviemaker Magazine, DC Shorts will present award-winning films from every year of their successful, decade-long run, over two nights with double-header events on Saturday, February 22nd and Friday, March 7th at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

The event is part of the Atlas Intersections Festival, eight days of performing arts celebrating the diversity, energy, and excellence of artists and audiences from DC and beyond. “We are proud to continue our partnership with the Atlas Intersections Festival, and excited to celebrate our 10 years of existence with movies that we believe best exemplify the success of our decade-long run,” says founder and festival director, Jon Gann.

Both Saturday, February 22nd and Friday, March 7th features two unique performances, at 7:30 pm (Show A) and 9:30 pm (Show B). A special-priced “double header” pass is offered to watch both shows on a single evening. For a complete schedule, to purchase tickets and for more information on the performers, visit http://rewind.dcshorts.com


WHEN: Sat, February 22, 2014; 7:30 pm (Show A) and 9:30 pm (Show B)
Friday, March 7, 2013; 7:30 pm (Show A) and 9:30 pm (Show B)
WHERE: Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington, DC
1333 H Street NE, Washington, DC

TICKETS: $20 per performance, $30 doubleheader on a single night
Tickets can be purchased at: www.dcshorts.com/rewind

CONTACT: General Inquiries: Jon Gann; 202-393-4266

Facebook: /dcshorts
Twitter: @dcshorts


SATURDAY, February 22 @ 7:30 PM & FRIDAY MARCH 7 @ 9:30 PM, Show A

2004  |  15 minutes  |  Drama  |  USA

A piano tuner ingeniously fixes small problems in an old apartment, while teaching an anxious tenant a lesson in beauty.

Small Room Tango
2005  |  4 minutes  |  Experimental  |  USA

A video-musical exploring the possibilities of a piano practice room, merging aural and visual to produce a synesthetic experience.


2006  |  9 minutes  |  Comedy  |  USA

A plea for tolerance and acceptance, this educational documentary helps audiences clear up many of the terrible stereotypes and misconceptions we have about zombies.

Do You Have A Minute?
2007  |  5 minutes  |  Comedy  |  USA
Conservative Christian, George, and liberal feminist, Liz, are sidewalk activists who find that they might actually have something in common.

The Tangent (La Tangente)
2008  |  13 minutes  |  Drama  |  France

A young man offers a woman a ride, they then set off on a journey with no plans and no direction.

Pigeon: Impossible
2009  |  6 minutes  |  Animation/Comedy  |  USA

A rookie secret service agent is faced with a pigeon trapped inside of a multi-million dollar, government issued nuclear briefcase.

God of Love
2010  |  15 minutes  |  Comedy  |  USA

Winner, OSCAR®, Best Narrative Short, 2010

A lounge singer finds his prayers are answered when he receives a mysterious package of love- inducing darts.

The Scarecrow Girl (A Menina Espantalho)
2011  |  12 minutes  |  Drama  |  Brazil

Denied the opportunity to go to school, Luzia creatively learns to read on her own.

SATURDAY, February 22 @ 9:30 PM & FRIDAY, March 7 @ 7:30 PM Show B

The Furniture

2004  |  2 minutes  |  Thriller  |  USA

This man has deep-seated fears.

From The Streets (De las Calles)

2005  |  6 minutes  |  Drama  |  USA

A Latin American street kid sees hunger, prostitution, and drugs as a way of life—because for him and his mother, it is the only life.

2006  |  6 minutes  |  Drama  |  USA

An eighty-year-old woman reflects on her past during the last hours of her life.

The Barrows

2007  |  10 minutes  |  Drama  |  Australia

No matter how dark their pasts, Mr. and Mrs. Barrow share a bond no walls, or even mortality, can break.

2008  |  12 minutes  |  Drama  |  USA

Love’s labor is lost on a used-car lot when misplaced affections lead to self- discovery and ultimately, tragedy.

2009  |  12 minutes  |  Comedy  |  USA

Answering the door on Halloween, Kari realizes that the trick-or-treating ghost kid’ may actually be supernatural.

Prayers for Peace
2010  |  7 minutes  |  Animation/Documentary  |  USA

An artist confronts the memory of his younger brother killed in the Iraqi conflict.

Sugar Top (Sukkertoppen)

2011  |  11 minutes  |  Comedy  |  Norway

The daily race to the top of the local mountain just became more of a challenge.

Friend Request Pending
2012  |  12 minutes  |  Comedy  |  United Kingdom

Two mature friends learn the pitfalls and problems of using social networking to woo the local choirmaster.

Apple of My Eye (Mi Ojo Derecho)

2013  |  13 minutes  |  Drama  |  Spain

Neither time nor distance can sever the special ties with your grandmother.