Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sugar Daddy's Bakery Cupcake Review

Sugar Daddy's Bakery - Carrot

There's a new player in the "DC Cupcake Wars," and it comes by way of Jordan. That's a long way to travel, to showcase your sweet goodies; but Sugar Daddy's Bakery proves worth the effort. Adams Morgan joins two franchises in Beirut, HQ in Amman, and a future space in Dubai as home to founder Fadi Adnan Jaber's uniquely sized but tasty cupcakes.

They've been open for about three weeks; and the employee I spoke to, couldn't have been nicer or more energetic. Cupcakes are probably a little smaller than you're used to, but cost only $2.50 each. Think less is more, as there's no skimping on looks or flavor.

Key Lime Coconut

I stopped by mid-day and purchased three... Carrot, Key Lime Coconut and Strawberries 'n Cream. The former rates highest with us: For starters, the Carrot cake looks gorgeous, and tastes moist & delicious. Four bites is all it takes to wish you ordered more. On the other hand, the Strawberries 'n Cream's cake was on the dry side... but with great icing and fresh, diced strawberries. Key Lime Coconut sounds like a winner; and it doesn't disappoint. Kudos for its cream filling, and moist cake. Different shades of coconut flakes appear planned, but merely look great by accident.

Strawberries 'n Cream

Service is stellar, and I was given a cake box to safely hold just three cupcakes... a nice touch, one that isn't mirrored around most places in town. I wish I could tell you how many cupcakes fail the bumpy trip home; yet alone look presentable for a photo after. It's a lot bigger (and brighter) than nearby Sweet Themez Cake and Cupcake; so it bodes well for a long run.

Appearance: B (Strawberries 'n Cream not so much; but Carrot & Key Lime Coconut look great.)
Store Atmosphere: B (Good seating for a bakery.)
Cake: B (Carrot & Key Lime Coconut = nice & moist. Strawberries 'n Cream was dry.)
Icing: B (It may not look great, but Strawberries 'n Cream takes top honors amongst this trio.)
Value: B- ($2.50 isn't much, but these cakes run small on purpose. Takes some getting used to.)
Overall: B (Cupcakes are alive & well in the nation's capital; and there's always room for another supplier of something sweet, decadent & tasty. Welcome to the neighborhood!)