Friday, January 10, 2014

Snikiddy Baked Fries Review

The battle for chip supremacy is wide & varied; and it takes a special snack to truly "stand out" and get noticed. Enter Snikiddy and their delicious potato & corn fries. Incredibly light & airy, few chips "melt in your mouth" as effortlessly as these all-natural wonders. Available in seven flavors, we tried six (believe it or not, I couldn't find Original Seasoning anywhere... go figure) and came up with the following grades...

Barbeque: Yum. Classic barbecue finishes a close second to my favorite, Hot & Spicy; but you won't catch me without both in my pantry from now on. Perfect amount of spice, against an irresistible consistency. My only complaint? They don't make the bag BIG enough. Quite possibly, my new go-to chip.

Grade: B+


Bold Buffalo: Sure, it lives up to its bold moniker; but this is one flavor that doesn't translate well to a potato chip. It's definitely one of Snikiddy's stronger flavors; but I wouldn't buy them again... especially with Barbecue, Hot & Spicy & Sea Salt on the same shelf. If anything, the flavor makes you forget about their trademark texture (and that's a shame.)

Grade: C-

Bold Buffalo

Cheddar Cheese: Most people like love cheese (I don't.) That said, this is a particularly mild cheese flavor... so mild in fact, you hardly notice it. What you do notice is that unmistakable light crunch, which makes Snikiddy fries so good in the first place. I ate an entire bag without putting it down once. Not bad.

Grade: B-

Cheddar Cheese

Classic Ketchup: I'll admit... my first bite tasted "kinda strange." Then, I tried another... and another... and another. Guess what? Ketchup grows on you. I wouldn't call it "classic," but the flavor is pretty faint, and tastes like tomato when all is said & done. As daring as I'm willing to go, with no bitter aftertaste.

Grade: B

Classic Ketchup

Hot & Spicy: What a delicious surprise! 50% less fat than regular potato chips and great taste? Sold! One of the milder hot & spicy versions out there, I found them incredibly light and plenty zesty. Only $1.99 (on sale) for a generous 4.5 oz. bag at Yes! Organic.

Grade: A-

Hot & Spicy

Sea Salt: The "Plain Jane" of the bunch, Snikiddy's Sea Salt has nothing to be ashamed of... It's still mighty tasty on its own, even without fancy flavoring. They also have more sodium than the others (210mg per serving.) Same crunch though, and less likely to offend (not everyone likes spicy.) $2.99 (regular price) at Whole Foods.

Grade: B

Sea Salt