Thursday, January 2, 2014

BJ's Wholesale Club Pizza Review

BJ's Wholesale Club is a poor man's Costco; so it stands to reason their pizza slice copy combo would pale in comparison as well. Armed with a Pizzeria Uno moniker (minus the chain's familiar taste) BJ's saddles up to the counter with a Costco-matching $1.99 price tag (one slice, one fountain drink) but the similarities end there.
One dead giveaway for substandard fare rests in the fact that there's no line for food here. I walked right up, plunked down $2.11 and walked away with a relatively small slice of pepperoni pizza (boxed) and a cup (also small) for soda. Sierra Mist makes a fine soda; but Uno's pizza never tasted so lousy.

For starters, the crust is extra thick, undercooked and chewy to a fault. This, on top of (or under) a lackluster cheese topping with zest-less pepperoni to boot. It's clear the cook (who also happens to be the cashier and server... told you they weren't busy) saw that the cheese was cooked, and took the whole pie out of the oven. Trouble is, when you have thick crust... you have to compensate with extra cooking time.

Service was straight-forward (no smile, etc.) and the "dining area" clean enough, but hardly inviting. I would never try it again. Neither should you.

Atmosphere: C
Service: C (It was New Year's Day... I wouldn't be happy working either.)
Crust: F (Dreadful.)
Toppings: D (Gooey cheese, but no flavor whatsoever.)
Taste: D- (Bad toppings and even worse crust: What did you expect?)
Overall: D- (Good price, but that's it.)