Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moby Dick House of Kabob Food Review

Moby Dick House of Kabob has 17 locations across the DC Metropolitan area: That's a lot of real estate to cover... Mistakes can happen. Things can get missed. Let me tell you about my dinner last night in Silver Spring.

I've eaten in at least half a dozen Moby Dicks, and most are OK. Not great, not even good... OK. There's little to no difference amongst any of the branches. Most are painfully outdated, not very clean & staffed with relatively surly employees. Case in point: Victor, my grumpy cashier. I walked up to the counter, and said, 'Hi, how are you?' Victor's reply? Nada. In fact, he didn't say a single word to me throughout the entire transaction (even my amount due was flashed on a computer screen in front of me.) Funny, he couldn't stop yappin' to another customer a few minutes later... someone he seemed to know. So much for making your customers feel welcome.

I placed an order for a Spicy Ground Chicken Kabob platter (no choices, although that would have required communication from Victor.) $7.99 is a great price for two small pieces of kabob, pita bread, rice and salad. I purchased a fountain drink (Orange Crush) for an additional $1.79, and walked across the stickiest floor in Silver Spring to a nearby booth. Sticky floors are disgusting and inexcusable. What is this, 1973?

One look around, and you might say yes. The dining area is old-fashioned to a fault, with creaky booths (circa 1970's) and an overall staleness. There's a wall of mirrors on the side of the restaurant, where the top-third looks like it hasn't been sprayed with Windex since... the 70's. Sense a theme here? The word "gross" comes to mind... often.

My order was available relatively quickly (still no word from the cashier) and I took it back to my table (yes, across the sticky river of yuck.) Portions are fair, although one thin slice of tomato and one crumble of feta cheese does not a salad make. Pita was soft with zero flavor. The chicken looked zesty, but had no flavor "as promised." The rice put me to sleep, save for a few strands of yellow rice that I assume were placed on top as a "tease" of some sort. Overall, the meal served its purpose... I wasn't hungry anymore. Ditto for feeling satisfied. Food & atmosphere (love the 70's artwork on the walls) scream boring. Take my advice: Walk a few doors down to nearby Lebanese Taverna (or any other restaurant in the area) and avoid this relic of the past.