Monday, December 23, 2013

Franklin Grille Food Review II

As far as local eateries go, Franklin Grille near Fannie Mae HQ on Wisconsin Avenue is OK. Service is efficient; and the owner has a rapport with many of his customers. Food is affordable, but relatively poor in quality. You know... the kind of place you get used to, but quietly ditch when something nicer opens across the street.

I braved the rain, in order to try FG's Breakfast Platter, 2 eggs, choice of meat, home fries or oatmeal and toast. Quite a deal for just $3.99 (+ another two bucks for a small carton of orange juice.) As usual, there was a constant stream of customers popping in and out, exchanging glad tidings with FG's charismatic (dare I say frisky?) owner. Also familiar, the TV was on... oddly tuned in to an episode of Law & Order (or something similar) where one could overhear the grisly details of murder & its subsequent investigation. Not exactly LIVE with Kelly and Michael, is it?

My wait was short; but my plate was far from appetizing. Let's start with cold home fries and soggy toast... followed up with dry, overcooked eggs, and fatty, way underdone bacon. In fact, I'm prepared to label it the worst bacon in town. How often do I not finish my breakfast meat? Almost never.

With McDonald's less than a block away, I expected some quality; but such uneven (and let's face it... bad) cooking makes McD's look like the Four Seasons. Some tips? Cook the toast last. Never serve hot food cold. Don't overcook eggs; and cook the bacon until the fat disappears. Someone needs to teach this grill man/woman how to cook.