Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rumors Food Review

Angus Burger with Bacon & Fried Egg

I had one hour between women's volleyball and men's basketball at the Smith Center, long enough to grab a free burger and hot dog at GW's annual tailgate party... or so I thought. 10 minutes in line, and I appeared to lose ground instead of gain any: Evidently "frontsies" is a big thing on campus once again. Time for Plan B. Enter Dupont Circle fixture Rumors to my dinner rescue.

Rumors has been around forever... one of the first places, where I had a legal drink; and although it was almost a mile away, the logical choice for dinner. It's simple fare here... burgers, nachos & wings; so I settled on an Angus burger with a hopeful twist. They had 10 choices of toppings (including bacon) and eight types of cheese; but I needed something extra special... egg, which my server Anibal had no trouble checking on. Two minutes later, I had a thumbs up on my now $12.50 burger with bacon & egg. All seemed right with the world again.

As far as atmosphere goes, Rumors remains a dimly lit bar in the evenings. This is definitely a place where you go to have a drink and maybe something to nibble on. Fine by me, especially when you make a quality burger and fries. It took a bit longer (almost 15 minutes) but my burger arrived, looking pretty darn good if you ask me.

It began with a perfectly grilled bun, followed by a well-intact fried egg and gorgeous, thick bacon: A+ bacon, in fact. The meat was cooked exactly as ordered (MEDIUM) which resulted in a messy (yet almost empty) plate at the end of my meal. Fries were solid, not spectacular; and my server checked in on me at least thrice (along with an attentive water refill.) Even though I had to walk back to GW, I couldn't have been happier. Sometimes you need something familiar to get you back on track, and Rumors definitely fills the bill.

Atmosphere: B- (Good for drinking, perhaps not so great for dining.)
Burger: B (Dynamite bacon, good meat and a perfect bun.)
Fries: C
Service: B+ (Went above and beyond to make me happy.)
Value: B (Only $1.50 extra for fried egg, that wasn't on the menu. Thank you.)
Overall: B (Rumors shows its age; but you can't beat experience.)