Friday, November 22, 2013

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop Food Review

The Bobbie

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop opened to great fanfare yesterday (Joe Biden in da house!) but I prefer peace & quiet when chowing down, so I stopped by at the end of day two to sample Capriotti's famous Bobbie. Fewer people, same delicious taste: I must agree with our Vice President - The Bobbie rules!

Although the rest of the menu fails to offer anything revolutionary (Delaware reference, where Capriotti's originates) the Bobbie is good great enough to keep me coming back for more. So too is the service, especially from cashier Chris who won me over with, "It's nice to meet you Peter," after taking my name for the order. Ordering is a breeze, as Capriotti's menu board is brightly lit overhead, and easy to understand (unlike some sandwich shops.)

We like the "old-fashioned" packaging

Before I touch on how delicious my sandwich was, let me first warn you about size and price (which go hand-in-hand.) SMALL is anything but... 9" and runs $7.49 (without chips and a drink.) A LARGE is... 20" which could probably feed a family of four. With Thanksgiving less than a week away, it was only appropriate to try Cap's Bobbie (Homemade Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo.) It starts with a great roll, thankfully cut in two (I was full after half a small.) From there, it's literally a ton of stuffing, pulled turkey (no processed junk here) and the most amazing cranberry sauce I've had away from home in a long time. I'm not big on cold sandwiches, but I have to make an exception for this one. I'm not sure why you'd want to mess up the chemistry with mayo (the cranberries make it plenty moist) but it's so good, I'd consider having one for Turkey day... all by its lonesome.

The space is modern and simple; but gets full in a hurry (lines went out the door yesterday & today.) Service is fast & courteous, and folks seem to have taken to it almost instantly. Not bad, considering it's in the middle of a downtown food metropolis. I'm anxious to try a steak sandwich (of course) and a traditional roast beef sandwich (not a sub.) The only question is... will I have to line up behind Vice President Biden?