Thursday, November 21, 2013

Capriotti's DC Grand Opening

Everyone remembers their first kiss; but your first sandwich? Hundreds of people in downtown Washington won't soon forget the first customer at Capriotti's this morning: Vice President Joe Biden stopped by the grand opening of the popular Delaware-based sandwich shop's first DC location, placing an order with CEO Ashley Morris for a Bobbie and two Italian subs (no onions.) Why so many? The President has to eat too. I wonder how many area restaurants can brag about serving the President and Vice President of the United States as customers #1 & 2?

It didn't exactly go downhill from there, as M Street was reopened, and a long line of customers made their way inside (the first 50 earned free sandwiches.) Meanwhile, the real show was going on outside, where the Racing Presidents posed for pictures, and future Capriotti fanatics helped themselves to free t-shirts. Talk about making a splash.

Lines formed early for the 11:00 AM opening

Vice President Joe Biden drives off... Bobbie in hand!

Capriotti's will be open seven days a week. 11-10 Sunday through Wednesday, and 11-3:30 AM Thursday through Saturday. Late night dining never tasted so good.

Free T-shirts

Teddy and Capriotti's CEO Ashley Morris (r)