Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sacrificial Lamb Food Review

Tandoori Chicken with Basmati Rice, Chick Peas & Salad

The 17th Street corridor is conspicuously void of fast casual eating spots; but a little digging reveals Sacrificial Lamb, a basement eatery at the corner of 17th & R Streets, NW. It may not be the prettiest plate in town, but you can't go wrong with tasty, homestyle cooking in copious amounts and served with a smile.

You have to walk down a couple of steps to access the bustling kitchen/counter area; but that's when you get your first peak at Sacrificial Lamb's lovely outdoor patio (with room for a dozen or more diners.) After a warm greeting, I placed an order for what I thought was a Tandoori Chicken grilled kabob with basmati rice for $9.95. After wrestling with the credit card machine, and sharing a laugh about telephone lines, the owner promised to bring my food outside once ready. I took my can of Ginger Ale ($1.25) and grabbed a corner seat outside. Several people came in & out to pick-up orders for take away; but I had the entire patio to myself, save for a young couple chatting a few tables over. Weather was perfect; and I could help but feel like I was dining along a quiet Manhattan side street with people walking by overhead.

A few minutes elapsed, and a young woman brought my food out to me (with another smile.) If you're looking for a quick bite, you may want to go elsewhere: Sacrificial Lamb loads its plate with tons of food. Talk about generous. It's a bit messy, but I wish I had more time to finish it all. Both pieces of chicken had loads of flavor, even though the meat was a bit dry. The rub (used to coat the chicken) is filled with spices and zest: I wish they sold it as a retail item on its own.

Rice is rice, but mine was fluffy and cooked properly. Best of all, was the surprise addition of chick peas bathed in a spicy curry/tomato sauce. I wish I could have tried their homemade naan bread too, but I have no idea where I could have put it. Thank goodness for repeat visits. Next time, it's a gyro and a side of those delicious chick peas (+ naan on the side.) Remind me to skip lunch that day: I plan on finishing each & every bite this time.

P.S. Not my best photo... Eating outside, at night with iPhone = Bad photo.