Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lyft Introduces CARD SWAP

From our friends at Lyft...

We're excited to tell you about a nifty new feature we added to the latest version of the Lyft app. We listened to your feedback: you use Lyft for work and play, and you wish it were easier to switch between credit cards you use for different things.

We're all about making payment happen like magic so you can relax and have fun in the car. With this release, you can add up to three cards under "Payment" and label them so it's easy to remember which is which. If you forget to swap cards before you request a ride, you can even switch on the donation screen after your ride ends.

Lyft between meetings or to run errands for your mom, then head out with friends without skipping a beat. It's as flexible as you are!

Hope you like it.