Sunday, October 6, 2013

DC Rollergirls Open 8th Season with a Bang!

Majority Whips (green) vs. defending champs Scare Force One

Hot Stuff

It's not everyday you get to see a sporting event with athletes named Beaver Receiver, Condzelezza Slice, Grreen Eggs & Wham, Lois Slain (I could go on forever... these names are awesome) Slam Grier, Styx N Stones and Velocityraptor; but that's exactly what this reporter was treated to yesterday at the DC Armory. The DC Rollergirls returned for their eighth season of roller derby madness with a doubleheader of Ruthian proportions... hands skates down, the most entertaining two hours I've had in a long time.

Allow me to be honest: I had no idea what to expect yesterday. I received a warm greeting from one of the players outside the Armory... politely pointing me in the right direction to enter the "battlefield." To say this is a "hands on" league is an understatement. These ladies do everything, from baking cakes to busting chops... They even sing the National Anthem (way to go Spank Aaron & Frightmare!) It's enough to make one say, "I feel like putting on some skates." which is exactly what Mayor Vincent Gray said, while kicking off season #8 with a few words.

As for the action on the floor, color me speechless (and impressed.) I still can't tell you how each team scores (perhaps I should have paid better attention to the video tutorial at the start... I was finishing off my second cupcake instead) but one thing's for sure... it's exciting. A pair of colorful announcers rattle off a play-by-play account in between countless commercials; but even someone in the dark such as myself, could follow along. As you can imagine, it's not easy filling in four hours of entertainment: At one point, I overheard the main commentator say, "I don't know if I'm going to get sucked into the air by aliens." At least one of the beer guys and I could share a laugh... According to him, these guys talk like this every match. It's corny, but fun.

Mayor Vincent Gray in the house!

The announcers... Corny, but fun

Each match consists of two 30-minute periods, surrounding a 15-minute intermission. Flat Track Roller Derby is an acquired taste of course, but you get two matches for the price of one admission; and it's something you have to see in person at least once in your life. Personally, I can't wait for November 23rd... when DC Armory plays host to the same four teams on display yesterday. In between, Du Burns Arena will host two separate matches (October 26th, November 16th) in Charm City (Baltimore.) Click here to see this season's full schedule.

Frightmare racks up the points

Due to a prior commitment, I couldn't stay for both matches; but last year's champs Scare Force One held on to defeat the Majority Whips 211-195.

Bake Sale... all items made by the players!

French Toast Cupcake, courtesy of Helen Killah... Yum!