Thursday, October 31, 2013

Burger King Buffalo Chicken Strips Review

Burger King hits a new low with their abysmal Buffalo Chicken Strips, available in three and five-piece combos for a limited time. Why would anyone want to pay $5.99 for three soft tenders, soaked (drowned?) in cheap, bottled sauce? It's the exact same item as BK's regular Chicken Strips, only covered in the aforementioned (gross) sauce. Yuck.

Does the above photo look anything like the "glamour shot" on BK's website? Of course not. The photo below shows tenders that were cooked with the sauce, not tossed in at the last minute. All I tasted was a cold tender with zero crispiness and a overly sweet exterior. I finished half of one... hardly enough to kill my hunger, but plenty to convince me never to order them again.

Looking for a silver lining? At least they're only available for a "limited time." Let's hope it's sooner than later.