Friday, September 27, 2013

Washington Deli Breakfast Review

Breakfast Combo Platter

Don't look now, but I'm fast becoming a regular at Washington Deli. Today, it was breakfast (a late one, around 10:40 AM) my second trip in a week, third in a month. I walked into a Twister of sorts, a funnel of activity centered around the busy caterer's upcoming lunch deliveries. I was given a friendly greeting by the pizza man, who didn't skip a beat when I threw him a late breakfast order curveball.

I was tempted to order a Barney Mulligan (Scrambled eggs and home fries on a sub roll) but I'm a carnivore at heart, and wound up ordering the Breakfast Combo Platter (Two eggs any style, home fries, toast, bacon, sausage, or ham for the lofty price of $7.) I asked for scrambled eggs and white toast, and only had to wait a few minutes for my order. Owner Jim Doherty was knee-deep in orders; but took time to ring me up, flashing his bigger than life personality with simple stuff like offering butter and jam. I took my order and went to sit outside, when co-owner (and wife) Debbie jumped in with a reminder to take my toast. Nice teamwork!

Toast was wrapped in tin foil, and delicious. My eggs were way overdone, but Washington Deli's tender home fries (with onions and red peppers) more than made up for it. Red peppers make a smart addition, bringing much needed color and flavor to the mix. Three crispy slices of bacon completed the package... a solid breakfast, albeit a pricey one. Not sure if I could afford to eat it all that often, but pretty good for an occasional carry out break from my usual smoothie and Cheerios.