Saturday, September 21, 2013

New World Cafe Food Review

Breakfast Platter

It's difficult (almost impossible) to find an inexpensive breakfast in Penn Quarter (specifically the area surrounding Convention Center) especially on a Saturday; or so I thought. Enter New World Cafe to the rescue... literally.

I wandered in just after noon, on my way back from the Capitals Convention. The restaurant appeared half-open (a few construction workers were eating inside) so I asked if they were still serving breakfast. Sure thing; so I ordered a Breakfast Platter (2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon or sausage links, toast and home fries) for the unheard of price of just $4.99. Downtown. $4.99!

The cook assumed I wanted a breakfast sandwich; but didn't skip a beat, when I asked for the platter instead. No home fries? No problem. Will I take french fries? Sure, why not? No sausage, but would bacon do? Again, no problem. Toast? He had wheat. Don't you just love compromise? I paid an equally friendly sales associate for my food and fountain drink (seven bucks and a dime total.) Before I put away my change, the cook brought my food over to the register. Talk about fast!

I wasn't expecting much; but color me impressed at what five dollars bought me. At least three thick, crispy slices of bacon, a full order of fries, 2 slices of good quality wheat toast (with butter & grape jelly) and a fried/scrambled combo of eggs... all nice and hot, to boot. By the time I started to chow down, I had the whole space to myself: New World Cafe has a lot of available seating, including several tables & chairs on the sidewalk. I bet this place does Cracker Jack business during the week.

My breakfast arrived fast, tasted good and there was plenty of it. For five bucks, no less. Color me impressed and thrilled. Special thanks for serving breakfast past the normal time, and working with me instead of against me. Terrific customer service.