Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Famous Famiglia Food Review

Tysons Corner Center is home to not one, not two, but three food courts. The third (appropriately located on Level 3) features Famous Famiglia, a Sbarro clone that sadly brings nothing new (or otherwise) to the table. Anything this ordinary begs the question, "What makes the Kolaj Brothers so famous in the first place?"

It can't be the pizza. My overpriced slice of pepperoni ($4.23) came with pedestrian crust, almost no sauce, so-so cheese and just six, thin (albeit zesty) pieces of American salami (AKA pepperoni.) It took the hunger away (no breakfast this morning) but was a chore to finish... Not necessarily terrible; but the kind of pizza, you have trouble remembering just minutes after.

About the best thing going for Famous Famiglia was Food Court 3's atmosphere (minus the noisy, overhead train.) As far as food courts go, it doesn't get or look better than this: It's spotless, with colorful tabletops and comfortable seating. Too bad the food fails to match its surroundings.

Atmosphere: B (Nice looking food court.)
Crust: C- (Yawn. What happened to crispy?)
Toppings: C- (Talk about uninspired.)
Service: C (Welcome to Famous Famiglia... where you're just another number.)
Value: D- (More than four bucks for a slice of subpar pizza? No thank you.)
Overall: C- (If pizza came in vanilla, this would be it.)