Friday, September 13, 2013

Brown Bag Breakfast Food Review

Farmer's Breakfast

Once upon a time, almost everyone brown bagged it to lunch. Those days are sadly over (remember when we used to cook?) and we're left with places like the Brown Bag to supply our daily sustenance. For the truly lazy amongst us, this even includes breakfast. I tried Brown Bag's Farmer's Breakfast yesterday and came away with the following...

Eating out of a brown compostable container is far from appetizing. Even worse, the bottom was discolored from the grease of the food on top of it: That grease was what I was about to eat. Nod your head, if you know where this is going. Ordering was relatively simple, and my food was prepared quickly. I paid $6.99 + tax (no receipt, I wish they'd just give it to you) and passed on a drink. Brown Bag has a spacious patio dining area; but I set up shop at the only table inside, surrounded by three stools in a corner (good luck fitting three people in there.) As for atmosphere, I'm not sure what was more distracting... the constant chatter in Spanish from behind the nearby counter, or the funk/go-go music playing overhead. Customers first, right?

On to the food (do we have to?) The Farmer's Breakfast is pretty straight forward: Bacon, eggs & potatoes (no requests or substitutions.) You get five slices of crisp bacon; but before you get too excited, keep in mind it's mostly fat. The eggs were OK, but the potatoes cold and almost rock hard. Don't try eating them with a fork (my plastic knife barely made it through.) No seasoning whatsoever, save for a single strand of red pepper: I'm assuming it slipped in there by mistake. Time to get up again, and get some salt and pepper from the other side of the room. I can overlook average eggs and lack of seasoning, but undercooked nuked potatoes? That's a travesty. What a "great" way to start your morning.