Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Woodley Cafe Food Review

Steak & Eggs

Only in America, or perhaps more specifically Woodley Cafe can one stroll down the street and order breakfast for dinner at 9:00 PM. Better yet, Steak & Eggs with a window view. Woodley Cafe scores points for "breakfast all-day" and an air-conditioned, scenic view; but stumbles out of the gate when it comes to QOF (quality of food.)

Even for me, 9:00 is a tad late for dinner; and evidently the Woodley Park-Zoo crowd agrees... Woodley Cafe was empty when I walked in (although a trio of diners arrived minutes later, and sat outside.) To their credit, the staff didn't seem to mind... even when I asked for breakfast & water only. Steak & Eggs goes for $11.95 and includes a 7 oz. "choice" rib eye with eggs (scrambled) hash browns and toast. It took a while to for my plate to arrive: Most likely, because they ignored my request for MEDIUM and prepared my steak WELL-DONE. Emphasis on WELL. It's a bad sign, when you can't cook a steak close to specifications.

It's a shame really, as my plate looked delicious. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving; and it didn't take long to realize my eggs were overcooked as well (though nowhere nearly as bad as the steak.) Oddly enough, I tore through the eggs with ravenous fury... balancing each bite with an equal portion of perfectly cooked hash browns. One slice of wheat toast? Call me greedy, but I like two. The steak was tough, a bit fatty but well-seasoned. It had a nice, lightly-charred exterior but the insides were way overdone and dry. I had to change my mind, and ask for A1 sauce to help "get it down."

Service was kind and attentive. The atmosphere was fine, I suppose; but the stereo was competing with the TV and a lively debate between the servers on Syria. That's two things too many for yours truly. I've been here several times before with family and friends, but this was my first (and probably last) solo mission. Good intentions + so-so ingredients = not so happy customer. Thanks for the attempt.