Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Washington DCJCC Celebrates High Holidays with The Atonement Project

From our friends at the Washington DCJCC...

New video initiative captures reflections of Washingtonians on important holiday themes

The Jewish High Holiday season of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is a season for introspection, atonement and forgiveness. The Atonement Project, an innovative new initiative from the DCJCC, will not only be a catalyst for introspection but also will capture participants’ thoughts in a way that can be shared with others and inspire them to take part in this effort. The Atonement Project will feature short personal reflections in a video presentation that will be shown online and displayed at the viewing center in the DCJCC from August 27 - September 12.

“The Jewish High Holidays are a time of reflection,” said Ilya Tovbis, director of the Washington Jewish Film Festival at the DCJCC. “This year we’re spotlighting personal experiences by asking a blend of well-known personalities alongside friends and visitors to the DCJCC to take part in an exploration of what the holidays mean to them. Since the core ideals of the High Holidays are relevant to Jews and non-Jews alike, I am hopeful that this innovative video project will bring new and diverse voices into a conversation about renewal, repentance and righteousness – concepts that are as relevant today as ever.”

DCJCC patrons including preschoolers and young families, fitness center users, theater and other arts program attendees, staff and well-known community figures will be asked to record a very brief personal reflection on a concept or idea relating to the High Holidays. They will be asked to give an anecdote or thought prompted by a single word or image including a mix of major themes and lighter material including concepts such as repentance, awe and forgiveness, or apples and honey. Through a diverse multiplicity of voices, the project will explore High Holiday concepts and spark discussions about them within the Washington community.

The finished product will be shown in a variety of media including a viewing station in the DCJCC lobby for public viewing and a streamed version that will be available on the DCJCC website and social media. For both the online platform and viewing booth, there will be opportunities for written feedback by viewers to further build and record the conversation. Viewers will also be welcome to tape their own video responses.

Taping has already begun, and a two minute teaser trailer will debut on August 23 at a special DCJCC and SpeakeasyDC joint event during which eight storytellers will present their own longer form stories of atonement for the Jewish New Year.

The Washington DCJCC works to preserve and strengthen Jewish identity, heritage, tradition and values through a wide variety of social, cultural, recreational and educational programs and services. The DCJCC is committed to welcoming everyone in the community; membership and all activities are open to all. The DCJCC is a partner agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and a designated agency of the United Way.