Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New York Gourmet Deli Food Review

Steamship French Dip Sub with French Fries

New York Gourmet Deli may be as close as you get to a New York deli in the nation's capital... Not one of the better ones mind you, but New York nonetheless. Big and spacious, with a great outdoor patio... NYGD (I'm way into abbreviations lately, sorry) shows potential; but a few minutes inside, feel like time spent at a funeral.

Not sure if it's NYGD's fault really (you know, about the funeral vibe) but they sure manage to attract the grumpy lunch crowd. It was busy (a little after 12:30) but nobody seemed to be enjoying themselves. Perhaps it's the almost grey interior (it's actually white, but extra muted) or the lifeless staff behind the sandwich area... Whatever the reason, I just didn't feel comfortable at all.

It's a shame really, because they make a pretty good sandwich. Their menu is a bit confusing; but I settled on one of their highlighted specials, a Steamship French Dip Sub for $7.49. Kudos for preparing it properly: NYGD dips the roast beef in au jus, and also serves the sauce on the side for extra dipping. Too bad the bread wasn't toasted, or we'd be talking about one of the best French Dips in town. Not sure if it was advertised, but it comes with fries... crispy ones (and oily.) Burned edges scream "change the oil!" I ate five, tops.

My cashier was extra friendly, temporarily lifting my spirits; but dining in (and watching all those unhappy faces walk in & out) quickly sapped the life right out of me. There's plenty of seating, and the A/C was cranked; so I shouldn't complain too much... Maybe I just woke up this morning, in need of a hug or something?

One thing's for sure, all the doom & gloom can't negate the fact that NYGD uses top-notch roast beef: It's worth going back for carry-out at the very least. I'll make sure to get a hug beforehand.